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Empowering communities as we build trust in clinical trials.

For us to have medicines that are best for each individual person’s body, people across all communities need to consider clinical trial participation. Trials can change someone’s future for the better, and when we participate, our contribution can be a part of our own living legacy. This campaign, My Living Legacy, was created to empower Black and other BIPOC people to more deeply understand and trust in clinical trials and to consider participating in clinical trials to support the development of new treatments for chronic diseases like breast cancer.

We know that breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in Black women1, yet they remain critically underrepresented in potentially life-saving research; this disparity is seen in many chronic diseases even beyond breast cancer. Without appropriate representation in clinical trials, it’s hard to know whether or not new treatments will work effectively across all bodies. My Living Legacy hopes to change the future for BIPOC individuals by building trust, conversation, and community around clinical trials.

  • We want to normalize and humanize the clinical trial process to encourage participation by people from BIPOC and other diverse backgrounds.
  • We want to empower BIPOC people, especially women, to become comfortable discussing clinical trials.
  • We want to encourage conversations about clinical trials that will build trust at a community level.
  • We want to recognize solutions that will overcome barriers to clinical trial participation as identified by community members.


To do this, Tigerlily focuses on:

  • Work with people like you, patients, and communities to educate and create awareness around clinical trials in a way that makes sense for people.
  • Engaging Black and Brown women in our educational programs, such as our ANGEL Advocacy Program to help each woman become empowered when it comes to her health.
  • Engaging and building Community through the ANGEL cohorts, which are a group of passionate breast cancer survivors, along with influential leaders in the Black community to educate people on the importance of clinical trial participation both for their own health and to advance the development of new treatments that may help others.
  • Working with partners to make clinical trial participation easy for everyone by providing information about clinical trials and the importance of trial participation to BIPOC community members in a way that is accessible, relatable, and empowering.
  • Leveraging influencers, local and national media, and community partners, we will initiate and encourage conversations that inspire, educate, and generate trust. In three key geographies that support populations with substantial health disparities – Houston, TX; Oakland, CA; Atlanta, GA2 – we will host in-person events designed to provide opportunities for education, discussion, and trust-building in safe, comfortable, and empowering environments. Attend one of our events and see how clinical trials can be part of your own living legacy!


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